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Democratizing Student Support

adams-cranium-cafeCranium Cafe is pleased to offer the only engagement technology solution designed specifically for student services. We have a deep understanding of the technical, FERPA, and ADA level of accessibility that schools require. Our real-time communication software delivers at at the top level of the federal requirements.

Cranium Cafe’s entire mission is to democratize student services by empowering students who can’t get to campus to have access to the same level of academic support and counseling that is available to “traditional” full-time, residential students.

Cranium Cafe’s founders and executive team have a diverse educational background that includes first generation, community college, transfer students, and adult learners. Because of this personal experience, Cranium Cafe is uniquely empathetic to the needs of all off-campus, distance and students with disabilities, and is proud of the impact that its technology has had assisting all students to enroll, complete their courses, and stay in school.




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Tech Team Guide

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Faculty Guide for Canvas

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Faculty / Staff Guide

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Cafe Meeting Tools Guide

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